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2020 Getting to Know Our Students Survey Instrument

The USG Getting to Know Our Students Survey has been administered to incoming freshmen across the University System of Georgia since 2017. Developed in collaboration with Motivate Lab at the University of Virginia, the survey asks a host of questions designed to assess students’ motivations and attitudes about learning to provide a snapshot at the beginning of their post-secondary journey. The survey is administered twice in the fall semester, once in the first three weeks of classes and again in the final three weeks.

2022 CoReq Academy - Pandemic Student Cohort

How are Pandemic cohort students different academically?

  • Less prepared academically, underestimate the rigor of higher education, accustomed to being given multiple opportunities to pass exams and courses, lack study skills.
  • My experience is that students are not as engaged in their courses as they should be. Not attending classes regularly. Not logging into D2L regularly. Not taking notes, not studying for exams.
  • Less prepared.
  • Because some went online for 1 year, they don't always expect to come to class.

MSV Planning Template

 MSV Planning Template (Word File)

Your plan for Momentum for the coming year should build on the foundation of your existing work. To do this, for 2022, we ask that you reflect on your current commitments to student success, evaluate their progress, and assess what adjustments you need to make. This assessment should take place in the context of the overall success of your students, your institutional goals or objectives, and your progress toward these.

MSV Panel Discussion Week (February 21-25) Preliminary Schedule

Monday, February 21 10:00 am - noon

Creating a Culture for Change

This session will reflect on how campuses can create a culture that supports and embraces change, and what it takes to sustain that culture over time. This discussion will help to set the stage for how everyone on a campus can shape and support constructive change that leads to equitable student success.


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