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2023 Momentum-CCG Campus Plan Updates Overview

The CCG Campus Plan Updates are intended to be an opportunity for your institution to reflect on your past work and plan for next steps.  Updates are living documents rooted in your institutional mission and student body profile and reflecting the work that will get closest to your goals for improved student success.  It is our intention for updates to be a part of a campus planning process that helps to identify success and challenges and communicates these to peers at institutions across the University System

Panel Discussion on Pathways

Institutions across the state are digging deep into their programs of study to understand how the complexity and connections embedded in the pathways students are provided impact student success. This conversation will delve into efforts to deploy Curricular Analytics (a highlight of the 2022 Momentum Summit) and Co-curricular pathways to improve outcomes and deepen the college experience for all students.

Panel Discussion on Data and Technology

The rapid growth in a wide range of technology and tools for learning has created new opportunities to understand and support learners. This session dives into two disparate approaches – the use of LMS data to inform assessments and student supports, and the use of AI chatbots to support students in a high-enrollment course.

Mike Evans, Georgia State University
Joe Fernander, eCore

Panel Discussion on Purpose and Practices

Institutions across the System are investing in practices and activities that serve to deepen student learning, connect to students' purpose, and support exploration. This session opens with a conversation about the student experience inside and outside the classroom through experiential learning and a relentless welcome approach, and offers an opportunity to dig deeper on the ways that these approaches can be adapted, adopted, and developed.

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