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The Statistics Pathway Fall Summit will provide institutions that are participating in the prototype to share their experiences, challenges, and thoughts for next steps. For institutions not in the prototype, the Summit affords the opportunity to learn from our collective experience and to discuss the potential for pursuing joining a second cohort of institutions in the prototype in the coming year. Institutions with no current plans to develop a statistics pathway are encouraged to join the discussion as well.

The fall 2020 Learning Support (un)Academy will be a virtual event focused on the lessons learned and challenges that remain with hybrid and online Learning Support. The event will provide opportunities to share ideas and engage in discipline-specific conversations with peers from across the state.

This fall’s event will feature a general session, two discipline specific breakouts, and a panel and roundtable discussion of success strategies for supporting students in corequisite courses online.

Session recordings and materials are now available.

Initial data on student outcomes for Fall 2019 indicate continued success for Corequisite Learning Support in Georgia, and offer indicators of what works, and what doesn't work, in Learning Support. This online session with Dr. Tristan Denley, Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Chief Academic Officer for the University System of Georgia provides an overview of the long-term trend and most recent data on student outcomes for the Corequisite Learning Support.

Georgia went to scale with learning support for all students in Fall 2018. At the time, there was some concern that as students who were previously served in prerequisite Foundations courses enrolled in collegiate courses with Learning Support, overall success rates would flag.  For the 2018 cohort, this was not the case, with students performing slightly better in terms of success in the gateway course.,

Building community among students in learning support is thought to play an important role in the engagement and success of students and supports their sense of belonging and self-efficacy. Making these connections in a remote setting demands different strategies and approaches to those that faculty have often mastered for their in-person courses.

Featuring Sonia Ford-Petch, department chair and professor of mathematics at Midland College in Midland, Texas, this conversation will provide an opportunity to learn best practices in  online settings and to share your work and experiences. 

Dr. Ford-Petch has been teaching mathematics face-to-face and online at the collegiate level for over 19 years. Dr. Ford-Petch’s research focuses on best practices in teaching and learning in an online environment with an emphasis on increasing students’ feelings of connectedness.

2020 USG Mindset Summit

April 2020

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the 2020 Mindset Summit originally scheduled for April 10 on the campus of Columbus State University will be supported as a virtual event.  More details on this opportunity will be available soon.

2020 Regional Corequisite Academies

March 2020 to April 2020
In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the 2020 Corequisite Academies originally scheduled for March and Early April will be supported as a virtual event.  More details on this opportunity will be available soon.

The University System of Georgia is hosting Spring Corequisite Academies in two regional sites to facilitate broader faculty participation and reduce the distance teams will need to travel to participate.  The Academies will differ slightly in their programming, but provide ample opportunities for interaction with peers and sharing of best practices, pedagogy, and successes.  Participants are welcome to participate in either (or both) Academies, but total participation is capped at 75 for each, and you are encouraged to choose the location closest to you.   


Momentum Summit III

January 2020
Classic Center, University of Georgia

On January 28 and 29, the University System of Georgia hosted the Momentum Summit III at the Classic Center at the University of Georgia in Athens. The objective of the event is for institutional teams to reflect upon their experiences in implementing the Momentum principles in order to maintain and sustain successfully implemented strategies, determine areas in need of improvement, and identify strategies yet to be developed to ensure that the Momentum Year is a coherent experience for all students, and identify strategies consistent with the Momentum Approach framework that can support students as they move beyond their first year or which extend beyond their academic journey.

2019 Fall CoReq Academy

November 2019
Middle Georgia State University

The 2019 Fall Corequisite Academy took take place on November 11 from 9 am to 3 pm at the Hatcher Professional Sciences Center on the Campus of Middle Georgia State University in Macon. The Academy provided an opportunity for institutional teams to continue to learn from one another on the pedagogies, structure, supports, and practices that support excellence in corequisite Learning Support. The Academy included general sessions in the morning and English and mathematics tracks in the afternoon to address subject-matter specific challenges.

This event was designed to support the work of faculty from Learning Support and gateway collegiate courses in mathematics and English, academic advisors and Learning Support staff. 

Statistics Learning Support Workshop

October 2019
Middle Georgia State University

Please join us on October 11 at the Hatcher Professional Sciences Center on the Campus of Middle Georgia State University for this workshop to support the development of corequisite Learning Support for the Statistics Pathway. 

Our October 11 Kickoff meeting at Middle Georgia State University will give institutions the opportunity to dig into the work around corequisite support for Elementary Statistics and begin as a community to shape both the course and learning strategies.

2019 USG Advising Academy

October 2019
University of West Georgia

Focused on Transition to College, the 2019 Advising Academy convenes campus leaders in advising, enrollment management, and orientation and transition to discuss progress, practices and challenges in supporting students as they transition to college.