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Momentum Summit VII (virtual sessions)

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Institutions across the University System of Georgia collect every year to share experiences, learn new strategies, and plan their work for student Momentum for the year ahead. The Momentum Summit VII is an opportunity to review and refine the work institutions have committed to, assess progress, and chart a path forward for building upon success.


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The overarching goal for the Summit is to support institutional teams in crafting concrete, ongoing plans for student success and Momentum by facilitating critical reflection, assessment, and evaluation of established areas of work, ongoing and emerging needs, and institutional priorities in the area of student success.  This work should building on existing practices, identify priority areas for improvement, create a larger community on campus to focus on student success work, and identifying the critical changes that are necessary to ensure students can navigate their way to their goals.

This year's Summit continuing with a "flipped" meeting approach, but is emphasizing synchronous sessions, inlcuding:

  • an online "course" with resources and materials ,
  • discussion areas for sharing your thoughts,
  • live virtual sessions featuring panels and presentations spread across three weeks,
  • a week set aside for structured campus planning, and
  • a Capstone event for campus teams to share their plans and learn from each other (separate registration required).

This design is intended to maximize opportunities for faculty and staff to participate and learn from one another, and honors our pledge that we would make the most of the time we have together for active, engaged conversations. Each participant will be enrolled in the Mometum Summit VII course in MomentumU@USG, which will open in January 2024, and will be asked to engage with the material at their own pace in advance of the responsive sessions. During the sessions, participants will be able to engage with the presenters, hosts, and one another to dig deeper on the topics and share their experiences. 

And, of course, the centerpiece of the Summit is the dedicated time for structured planning on campus that leads to the development of a campus Momentum Plan.

Participation for the virtual Summit is open to all, so institutions may include as many individuals as they like to join us. Not every person will need to attend every session, but we encourage campuses to plan and structure participation to ensure that each unit on campus is represented at each session and that teams are able to share and engage during the designated team planning sessions to the greatest extent possible.


Preliminary Schedule

January 19

Momentum Summit Course opens in MomentumU@USG

January 19
10:00 am - 11:30

Kick Off (virtual)

January 22 - Febraury 9
Days and Times Vary

Momentum Summit Virtual Sessions
Presentations and Discussion Panels

February 19 - 23

Campus Planning Week

March 1

Capstone Event

January 19th, 2024 9:00 AM to March 1st, 2024 4:00 PM
Virtual Event
United States
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  • MSVII Virtual Sessions

    The Summmit virtual sessions include presentations and discussions from across the System, sharing emerging practices and innovative ideas that support student success.

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    Friday, January 19
    10:00 am - 11:30 am

    MSVII Kickoff

    This opening session will provide an overview of where we are with Momentum and student success and what is just around the corner, as well as update on recent trends and emerging practices that may drive change in the future. We'll also highlight the role that the new Core IMPACTS can play in building on your Momentum and supporting students and leave plenty of time for your questions.

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    Monday, January 22
    2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

    Growth Mindset: Motivating Students and Sustaining Momentum

    Using Mindset strategies to support student motivation and success has become an established practice in many classrooms. This session reviews some of what is known, and what is still to be learned, in this area and how the teaching practices and mindset orientation align.  
    Robert Bledsoe
    , Augusta University

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    Wednesday, January 24
    10:00 am - 11:30 am

    Transition to College: The Eagle Experience at Georgia Southern and Redesigned FYS at Valdosta State

    Rethinking how students successfully make the transition to college is critical to improving early experiences and retention. The Eagle Experience at Georgia Southern is a collaborative effort across the University to ensure students’ successfully make the transition to college in a coherent and coordinated program that begins at admission and extends through the first year. At Valdosta State, the redesign of First Year courses invested in their First Year Seminar Experience course to better engage students with enduring questions and critical thinking, all the while providing an introduction to disciplinary focus.  

    Brenda Richardson
    , Georgia Southen University
    Shani Wilfred, Valdosta State University

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    Friday, January 26
    10:00 am - 11:30 am

    Connecting to Careers at Coastal with the Endeavor Framework

    Endeavor is a student growth and development framework that leverages course activities in the LMS and engagement activities across campus to recognize students building their personal and career competencies. Awarding badges directly to the student, Endeavor builds students’ portfolio of skills and connects their curricular and co-curricular work to their career and personal goals.

    Mary McGinnis
    , College of Coastal Georgia

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    Monday, January 29
    10:00 am - 11:30 am

    Mindset Focus: Midterm Conversations and Mindset Training

    Mid-Term Conversations at Albany State University are small group or one-to-one sessions with students who are failing one or more classes at the mid-term point to spark student engagement in academic resources on campus.   The purpose of this session is to discuss insights, initial findings, and critical lessons moving forward.

    At Columbus State University, all campus tutors, advisors, and coaches are trained in supporting student Mindsets, with a broader conversation around Mindset being lead among faculty as well. This conversation will provide details on Columbus’ multipronged approach to creating a mindset supportive culture.


    Kimberly Burgess and Aaliyah Howard, Albany State University

    Melissa Young and Kaylen Deal, Columbus State University

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    Tuesday, January 30
    10:00 am - 11:30 am

    Learning Communities that Work

    Although community-building is an essential part of learning community (LC) design and implementation, it may be overlooked as institutional emphasis is largely given to the coordination of residential, learning, and/or courses involved in the LC model employed. Lesser attention, then, seems to be on how students understand their role in "community." Indigenous rites of passage traditions are used to support young people as they transition into healthy community membership and adulthood. Thus, by employing a rites-of-passage (RoP) framework, we can design culturally relevant student activities and experiences that emphasize community membership as essential to academic support. Session participants will engage in interactive activities that use RoP strategies to collaboratively design student experiences. During the session, active reflection will be used engage our own ideas about community membership (both academically and socially). Participants will leave the session with a comprehensive plan to engage learners in ideas about community membership that may extend beyond formal LCs on campus.

    Tiffany Pogue, Stven Transou, and Raven Payne,
    Albany State University

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    Tuesday, January 30
    2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

    Preparing Faculty as Learning Scientists with uHoo Analytics

    KSU aims to take full advantage of data gathered through the D2L for a faculty audience. Our online learning unit, Digital Learning Innovations, has revised their mission to support faculty in using the LMS to manage learning in all modalities and using the data to identify problems, diagnose root causes, and take targeted actions during the semester to impact student success within the semester. Kennesaw is deploying uHoo Analytics to improve the way real time data can inform instructional practice.

    Anissa Lokey-Vega
    and Sanjoosh Akkineni, Kennesaw State University

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    Wednesday, January 31
    10:00 am - 11:30 am

    Rethinking Math at GSU

    In response to Georgia State University's commitment to student success, the Provost initiated a Math Task Force in Fall 2022. The primary goal was to devise a comprehensive plan to enhance success rates in introductory math courses across the Atlanta and Perimeter campuses. After thorough analysis and collaboration, the task force pinpointed 11 key recommendations spanning pedagogical practices, assessment, faculty development, and course design. During the Fall 2023 semester, faculty began implementing several of these recommendations, resulting in improvements in outcomes across the three introductory math courses. The presenters will share the process of this work, the recommendations, the implementation plan, and the impact on student success.

    Andrea Hendricks
    , Michael Galchinsky, Michael Stewart, Georgia State University

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    Wednesday, January 31
    2:00 pm - 3:30 am

    Clear Pathways inside the Course: Common Course Components at UWG

    Increasingly, students treat the Learning Management System as the front page for their institution and have expectations that more and more of their experience will be embedded in it. A common frustration students share is that they have difficulty navigating their instructors' differing organizational approaches within the LMS. The University of West Georgia began a project to address this in Fall 2023, asking faculty to begin to organize their courses in a standardized way with the goal of helping students navigate their courses more easily and thus reducing cognitive overload. Collaborative work among faculty, the Institute for Faculty Excellence, UWG Online, and Faculty Senate, informed by student feedback, has resulted in a better understanding of how the LMS can power student success.


    David Newton and Mandi Campbell,
    University of West Georgia

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    Friday, February 2
    10:00 am - 11:30 am

    Open Forum on AI

    A little over a year after Generative AI made headlines (some of them pretty dire) about the future of Higher Education, the debate over the tool is far from over, but is perhaps now even more complicated. This session will provide some brief background on Generative AI, an overview of the emerging conversations around it, and then invite participants to engage with one another in breakouts to share thoughts on specific questions about the future of AI in higher education.

    Cynthia Alby, Georgia College and State University

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    Monday, February 5
    2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

    KPIs and Measuring Success

    Understanding Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and how they connect to your strategic work on campus can be a challenge. Identifying and using reliable, aligned KPIs is critical to understanding the impact of your work and what may be needed to improve your efforts. This session will walk through the process of connecting indicators to your strategies, criteria to consider when selecting and measuring KPIs, and how these KPIs can meaningfully contribute to your continuous improvement processes.

    Kelle Parsons
    , American Institutes for Research

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    Tuesday, February 6
    8:15 - 9:30 am (rebroadcast at 2:00pm)

    Mindset at UNG: Fostering a Sense of Belonging at the University Level

    Belonging is one of the most potent aspects of academic mindset, and is key in helping students find the motivation and sense of efficacy they need to persist through challenge. This session, featuring undergraduate students and faculty at UNG, provides an overview of how to uncover critical questions of belonging from among studentts themselves and put this knowledge into action. It's an early start for this one (students have to get to class!), but well worth setting an alarm.

    Bryan Dawson, Michelle Eaton, Payton Waltman, Natalie Letts, and Vincent Simpson and Andrew Johnson,
    University of North Georgia

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    Tuesday, February 6
    10:00 am - 11:30 am

    BOOSTing Success at South Georgia through Mindset

    South Georgia State College has invested in Mindset training and support for students through BOOST, which highlights the themes of personal growth, the dynamic nature of intelligence, and the importance of not giving up in the face of challenges. BOOST workshops for students are available across the curriculum, and participation in the Mindset Faculty Learning Community has nearly tripled since 2018. This update on the progress at South Georgia will highlight their efforts to scale Mindset across the college, with a view of its impact on their students and their community.

    Katie Dye
    , South Georgia State College

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    Wednesday, February 7
    10:00 am - 11:30 am

    Adult and Military Learners

    Adult and Military learners represent two critical communities for Georgia’s higher education community. Ensuring that institutions provide appropriate access, supportive communities, and aligned programs for these significant and strategically important populations is increasingly important to institutions. This session will feature best and promising practices from across the System on how to meet Adult and Military Learners where they are and make them an integral part of your community.


    Adult Learners

    Kokila Ravi
    , Atlanta Metropolitan State College

    Katherine Hyatt, Dalton State College

    David Chevalier, East Georgia State College

    Julius Fleschner, Georgia Highlands College

    Brandi Elliott, South Georgia State College

    Military Learners

    Alex Bynum, Albany State University

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    Friday, February 9
    10:00 am - 11:30 am

    Planning for Success Panel

    As a preview of planning week, this panel discussion offers insights from across the System on how institutions plan for student success, and how different stakeholders contribute to these conversations. This session will also dive into everyday practices that support open processes of improvement that lead to collaborative and collective success.


    Justin Jernigan, Georgia Gwinnett College

    Steven Girardot, Georgia Institute of Technology

    Dustin Anderson, Georgia Southern University

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