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Campus Plans

2015 CCG Campus Plan Update report

The 2015 Complete College Georgia Campus Plan Updates are now available. Every year, Instititions across the University System of Georgia report on their progress toward meeting the governor's college attainment goals for the state.  Georgia’s colleges and universities provide a wide range of programs to meet the state’s diverse needs.  The System office has continued to work with institutions to focus on research-based, high-impact strategies that have the potential to improve student outcomes. 

CCG Campus Plans 2015 Updates

In 2012, each of Georgia’s public institutions submitted campus plans detailing strategies to increase access and graduation in support of the goals of Complete College Georgia (CCG) to the governor.  These campus plans are updated annually with the submission of a status report. 

For 2015, we are maintaining last year’s approach to streamlining and focusing the status report process by aligning data and measures with your institution’s strategies and ultimately to the goals of Complete College Georgia. 


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