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ENDEAVOR Launch (College of Coastal Georgia-2023)

Strategy/Project Name: 
Momentum Area: 
Data & Communications
Strategy/Project Description: 

Launch of the ENDEAVOR framework of student growth and development.

Activity Status: 
Evaluation/Assessment plan: 

Evaluation Plan and measures: Engagement in the ENDEAVOR framework will be measured from the local database of Tag awards. From this database the institution will create various engagement measures, with the first two being: 1. number of faculty awarding ENDEAVOR Tags in at least one of their courses; 2. Total number of ENDEAVOR tags awarded to students per semester.


  • Number of faculty awarding ENDEAVOR tags
  • Number of ENDEAVOR tags awarded to students (per semester) from D2L or Presence

Baseline measure (for each KPI):

Fall 2022 (Pilot Year)

  • 7 Faculty awarded ENDEAVOR tags.
  • 598 Tags were awarded to students via D2L, and 420 via Presence

Current/most recent data (for each KPI) [NEW for 2023]:

Spring 2023 (Prior to Launch)

  • 14 Faculty awarded ENDEAVOR tags.
  • 613 Tags were awarded to students via D2L, and 651 via Presence

Goal or targets (for each KPI):

Fall 2023 (After Launch)

  • 20 Faculty award ENDEAVOR tags
  • 500 Tags awarded to students via D2L and 600 via Presence

Time period/duration: As the adoption of ENDEAVOR continues to grow, we expect to award at least 1000 tags to students each semester. By the end of the 2023-2024 academic year, the level of adoption will be reassessed, and new goals will be established.

Progress and Adjustments: 

After a successful launch during the collegewide Student Success Summit (May 2023), the ENDEAVOR framework was infused in the summer 2023 new student orientations. With the fall 2023 term not over yet, the College continues to see the adoption at the curricular and cocurricular level increasing, and we expect to award more than 1000 tags by the end of the term.

Plan for the Year Ahead: 

With various adoption campaigns still underway, the College is now working on a reporting infrastructure to provide ease of access to “adoption and award information” for Deans, Department Chairs, and Unit Directors.

Challenges and Support: 


The reporting infrastructure is established thanks to the support of Technology Services, and we recognize that there is limited bandwidth when this project is added to a list of competing priorities.

Supports needed:

The College has engaged with the University of Central Oklahoma to receive support and guidance based on their implementation of the STLR project.

Primary Contact: 
Mary McGinnis, Director of the Endeavor Center for High Impact Practices
German Vargas, AVP for Academic Student Engagement