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Career/Major Exploration

Big Idea Update – Career Services 2021 (Fort Valley State University-2023)

FVSU’s Big Idea integrated career assessment and career development. Specifically, advancing soft skills as it related to job and careers, in tandem with utilizing career assessments for incoming freshmen to make the connection to Momentum Year.  Multiple workshops were created for students related to professional dress, career inventories, and internships.  Additionally, Career Week was held virtually allowing students to attend multiple sessions for career exposure and experience.

Supporting student success through career preparation and leadership opportunities (Middle Georgia State University-2023)

Promoting Career Readiness and Student Leadership by: 

  • Engaging first-year students in the Focus 2 Career Assessment and career option discussions with career advisors. 
  • Introducing first-year students to the NACE Career Competencies so that they are aware of the skills employers want to see them build before entering the professional workforce.

Planning and implementing a centralized process for promoting and preparing students for internships (both credit and non-credit) to increase the number of students participating in internships.

Summer Success Academy (Albany State University-2023)

The Summer Success Academy activity is a 6-week residential learning opportunity that provides incoming freshmen with the ability to get a jump start on their ASU experience. Student participants are enrolled in 7-9 credit hours depending on their cohort. Working closely with expert faculty and supported by a network of peer advisors, learning specialists, and tutors, Academy Scholars learn together as a community within and beyond the classroom.

Providing a strong foundation through Career Assessment, Professional Development and Completion of Career Choice (Albany State University-2023)

The Office of Career Services supports the following initiatives through Student Access and Success by targeting all students, specifically underrepresented students, that will benefit from informed career planning efforts, using resources such as Focus 2 Career, that can be institutionalized over the life of the grant. All students (and faculty), specifically underrepresented students, will gain access to employer and career resources using the Handshake system and other virtual networks within the Office of Career Services.

Stepping Blocks Integration in Freshmen Orientation Courses (Georgia State University-2023)

Encourage students to use of Stepping Blocks data to better understand their career path and the salary and job opportunities associated with this choice.

In freshmen orientation classes each 1st-year student will be required to complete an assignment designed to encourage the use of stepping blocks data.  Based on an academic major of interest, students will research common jobs associated with the major as well as the job market and the salaries associated with these positions.

Evaluating major selection and change of major protocols (Georgia Institute of Technology-2023)

Georgia Tech continues its efforts to enhance academic advising through a renewed focus on major selection protocols and how students select and change majors. Georgia Tech students declare a major before admission, and academic advising is primarily major specific. Since undecided/general studies students do not exist on campus, major selection and major change protocols significantly impact the student experience.

Career Readiness (Georgia Gwinnett College-2023)

CDAC (now referred to as Career Services) offers all students the opportunity to receive career counseling and coaching to assist them with identifying and reaching their career readiness goals. All students are provided access to the Mastering Career Readiness modules in D2L to begin taking steps towards their career and professional development through self-assessment and career exploration.

Study Abroad (Georgia College and State University-2023)

The International Center facilitates and coordinates international academic study, research, and internship opportunities for all Georgia College students, as well as partnerships and exchanges with institutions abroad. Students may study abroad on short-term programs - often with faculty in their majors - or through semester or even academic year-long programs at major universities throughout the world. Study Abroad/Study Away programs are one of the optional transformative learning experiences available in GC Journeys.


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