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Providing a strong foundation through Career Assessment, Professional Development and Completion of Career Choice (Albany State University-2023)

The Office of Career Services supports the following initiatives through Student Access and Success by targeting all students, specifically underrepresented students, that will benefit from informed career planning efforts, using resources such as Focus 2 Career, that can be institutionalized over the life of the grant. All students (and faculty), specifically underrepresented students, will gain access to employer and career resources using the Handshake system and other virtual networks within the Office of Career Services.

Artificial Intelligence and Academic Support (Georgia State University-2023)

Pilot introduction of AI enhanced Chat Bot for academic support in large sections of the core curriculum.

Georgia State University was one of the 1st institutions in the country to use an AI-Enhanced Chatbot to address issues of summer melt for new students and continuous enrollment for continuing students. .[1] This project expands the use of this technology to the classroom to increase successful completion of the class.

Inclusive Access for Digital Content used as Textbook (East Georgia State College-2023)

We would like to set up inclusive access for all the digital content used as textbook for all sections that require the purchase of a textbook. Inclusive Access, also known as automatic textbook billing, is a sales model for college textbooks. Inclusive access allows for the digital content to be delivered to students by the first day of class. Students have a period to “opt out” before they are billed through their tuition and fees.

Encouraging a growth Mindset in students (Columbus State University-2023)

Academic Mindsets are the attitudes or beliefs one has about oneself

in relation to coursework. The four academic Mindsets involve the sense that students belong to an academic community, the sense that (with effort) their ability and competence can grow, the sense that they can succeed, and the sense that the academic work has value to them. In short, the four academic Mindsets involve the sense of belonging, improving, succeeding, and adding value. This initiative is to promote and encourage growth Mindsets in students and in faculty.

Redesign of the Coastal Discovery Workshop (College of Coastal Georgia-2023)

Redesign the third stage of the orientation process: Coastal Discovery Workshop (CDW). Inspired by the Momentum Summit V presentation on Mindset activities in FYE from Nashville State Community College, the College of Coastal Georgia will completely redesign the CDW to incorporate elements of the “You’ve Got This!” OER created by NSCC.

Redesign was completed in April 2023 and You’ve Got This launched in May 2023. This course was briefly introduced at each Summer Orientation for new first year students.


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