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First Year Experience

Tutor on-Demand and Study Table (Albany State University-2023)

Tutoring On-Demand (TOD) and Study Table services are available to students to aid in increasing academic support either in person or online.  The modality for this instruction may include one-on-one or group sessions in person or the integration of virtual tutoring via TOD.  These different modalities provide student access to academic resources that will help to increase their ability to engage in classroom learning and retain the content of the subject matter. 

Freshman Residence Hall Tutoring (Albany State University-2023)

The Freshman Residence Hall Tutoring activity aims to expand and strengthen academic and student services and resources while improving Freshman student persistence and success by way of implementing embedded in-hall residence learning and engagement opportunities.  The purpose of in-hall tutoring is to more efficiently respond to the needs of ASU’s Freshman student body by housing, in Freshman residence halls, crucial academic and student support services.  ASU currently provides academic support services for students that include Math and Writing Centers, tutoring services, and student su

Supplemental Instruction and Teaching Assistantship (Albany State University-2023)

The Supplemental Instruction and Teaching Assistantship activity will provide mandatory, voluntary, and integrated academic support services, internal and external to the classroom.  Supplemental Instruction (SI) will offer a form of tutoring that focuses on group study and collaboration.  Supplemental Instruction is a critical component for university college Learning Communities 

Mid-Term Conversations (Albany State University-2023)

Mid-Term Conversations provide students with mid-term DFUs with face-to-face opportunities in one-on-one or small groups to discuss challenges from the first half of the semester and expose them to campus resources to get them back on track.

The facilitator asks students direct questions to get them engaged, introduces alternative assumptions, asks for examples, and asks for personal reflections and insights as to why they are having academic challenges in the first year. 

Summer Success Academy (Albany State University-2023)

The Summer Success Academy activity is a 6-week residential learning opportunity that provides incoming freshmen with the ability to get a jump start on their ASU experience. Student participants are enrolled in 7-9 credit hours depending on their cohort. Working closely with expert faculty and supported by a network of peer advisors, learning specialists, and tutors, Academy Scholars learn together as a community within and beyond the classroom.

Stepping Blocks Integration in Freshmen Orientation Courses (Georgia State University-2023)

Encourage students to use of Stepping Blocks data to better understand their career path and the salary and job opportunities associated with this choice.

In freshmen orientation classes each 1st-year student will be required to complete an assignment designed to encourage the use of stepping blocks data.  Based on an academic major of interest, students will research common jobs associated with the major as well as the job market and the salaries associated with these positions.

CORE-Concurrent First-Year Curriculum (Georgia Southern University-2023)

Over the past year, the Office of First and Second Year Experience in collaboration with the First and Second Year Advisory Team, Office of Career and Professional Development, and the Office of Global Engagement redesigned course content for CORE 2000 to move the course to a co-requisite model for Core courses to better focus on elements of Inform, Discern, & Affirm, reflections on academic mindset, challenges to perseverance, and highlight the importance of transitions through college (rather than just into college—i.e., meaningful choices in majors, minors, co-curricular engagements,


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