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Supplemental Instruction and Teaching Assistantship (Albany State University-2023)

Strategy/Project Name: 
Supplemental Instruction and Teaching Assistantship
Momentum Area: 
Strategy/Project Description: 

The Supplemental Instruction and Teaching Assistantship activity will provide mandatory, voluntary, and integrated academic support services, internal and external to the classroom.  Supplemental Instruction (SI) will offer a form of tutoring that focuses on group study and collaboration.  Supplemental Instruction is a critical component for university college Learning Communities 

Activity Status: 
Evaluation/Assessment plan: 
  • Student use of Academic Support Resources 
  • Student Academic Progress 



Interaction of Academic Support and Tutoring 

  • #Tutoring Sessions 
  • # Events 
  • # Support Service Appointments 
  • # students Participating 


  • Student DFW Rates 
  • Early Alert 
  • Fall to Fall Retention 
  • Graduation Rate 


Baseline measure (for each KPI): 


Fall 2022 Tutoring Services 

Spring 2023 Tutoring 


Summer 2023 



Total numbers 




Raw data 




Study Table 




Math Center East 




Writing Center East 




Math Center West 




Writing Center West 



Peer Tutoring 







Current/most recent data (for each KPI)

  • Goal or targets (for each KPI): 
  • Increase overall student support use by 3% 
  • Contribute to the decrease of the DFW Rates thereby increasing student pass rate by 3% 
  • Contribute to the increase of Fall to Fall retention rate and Graduation Rate. 

Time period/duration 

  • 5 year plan 
Progress and Adjustments: 

The Supplemental Instruction and Teaching Assistants will provide academic support to our students within the classroom or online.  Supplemental Instructors will have demonstrated a high success rate in an assigned course thusly providing academic support and instructions to the students in the course. However, these positions have not been filled at this time due to no applicant's interest.  To recruit Supplemental Instructors a marketing campaign through ASU Marketing and Communication has been utilized as well as all academic chairs, to attract potential candidates.

Teaching Assistants have proven to have a vital impact in the classroom.   The Teaching Assistants assist the faculty with delivering content, grading assignments, and leading class discussions within the classroom environment.  Our model for our Teaching Assistants has been to pair with a Learning Community.  To execute this, we have partnered with the University College/The Anchor. The Teaching Assistant and their level of expertise within the Learning Community they have been assigned has been instrumental in instruction for the instructors and the student support. 

The Mont Clair Grant that was used to hire the 9 TAs in 2022 has not been extended at this time.  Through the Academic Support State Budget, four Teaching Assistants were hired for the following Learning Communities: Nursing, Education, Business, and Men of Distinction.  The Teaching Assistants that were hired were rehired and assigned based on their classroom performance in 2022.   

Plan for the Year Ahead: 

Academic support Services will continue to work in collaboration with University College/The Anchor to create innovative ways to improve our Teaching Assistant support. Develop and implement Supplemental Instruction and Peer Tutoring training development. Increase the marketing of Academic Support Services through various means. 

Challenges and Support: 


The challenge that affects our ability to extend the hiring of additional Teaching Assistants is the lack of funding at this time through the Mont Clair Grant. If the grant is extended, the number of Learning Community Teaching Assistants applicants will increase by 7.  This would give us a total of 11 which is an increase of two TAs from last year. Another challenge that may affect my ability to do this activity is the lack of human capital to fulfill the Supplemental Instructors' position.  

Support Needs:

The support needed from outside my institution is funding to continue to provide academic support services, that will impact the education experiences of our students. 

Primary Contact: 
Natalie Knox, Director of Academic Support Services