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Atlanta Metropolitan State College

Supplemental Updates for Atlanta Metropolitan State College - 2023

The Momentum/CCG Goal 4, increase student career services, is in the preliminary stages and too early to report in this update.  The institution has been successful in offering limited student career services, but the availability of “Steppingblocks” in the past year has opened new opportunities for expansion of these services. The plan is to develop career learning modules in First Year Experience (FYE) and Capstone courses, utilizing steppingblocks as the primary tool students will utilize to complete the module.

Increase strong, diversified pipelines and effective partnerships (Atlanta Metropolitan State College-2023)

Consistent, reliable pipelines are important in sustaining program quality, viability, and productivity. This project seeks to increase the pipelines of student at all levels of AMSC certificates and degree programs. Historically, more effort has been dedicated to increasing the traditional student pipelines, the adult learner population provides a great opportunity for a new pipeline of students.  This is especially true given that the student population for traditional and adult learners is essential equal at 50%.  

Increase student success rates in high DFW gateway courses (Atlanta Metropolitan State College-2023)

Gateway courses have the lowest pass rates. This is particularly difficult for new freshman because it stifles their momentum and motivation to successfully past their first two semester classes and avoid academic warning and/or probation, which also impacts their ability to meet financial aid academic requirements.

Atlanta Metropolitan State College 2023

A core tenet of the Atlanta Metropolitan State College (also referred to as AMSC or “The Institution”) mission is to “offer student-centered instruction, civic/community engagement, and quality services that lead to the success of inter-generational 21 Century graduates.”  This Complete College Georgia (CCG)/Momentum Year (MY) update continues to build on these AMSC mission themes. AMSC serves a highly diverse student population, with 50% adult learners (25 years and older)/50% traditional students, 55% first-generation, and 100% commuters.


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