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Increase strong, diversified pipelines and effective partnerships (Atlanta Metropolitan State College-2023)

Strategy/Project Name: 
Increase strong, diversified pipelines and effective partnerships
Momentum Area: 
Change Management
Strategy/Project Description: 

Consistent, reliable pipelines are important in sustaining program quality, viability, and productivity. This project seeks to increase the pipelines of student at all levels of AMSC certificates and degree programs. Historically, more effort has been dedicated to increasing the traditional student pipelines, the adult learner population provides a great opportunity for a new pipeline of students.  This is especially true given that the student population for traditional and adult learners is essential equal at 50%.  

Activity Status: 
Evaluation/Assessment plan: 

Evaluation Plan and measures: AMSC has five major pipelines: (1) Adult Learners (2) Traditional Students, (3) New Freshman, (4) New Transfer, and (5) Dual Enrollment. Minor pipelines include:  Corporation/Business Partnerships, Re-Admits, and TAG/MOU Partnerships. The goals is to provide a least 5% of the adult learner and traditional student pipelines from minor pipelines sub-category group, thus reducing the need to rely solely on historically continuing/returning students


  • Headcount (by Pipeline Category)
  • Baseline measure (for each KPI): Fall 2021 Results
  • Adult Learners (34.2%)
  • Traditional (28.6%)
  • New Freshman (12.6%)
  • New Transfer.     (14.1%)
  • Dual Enrollment (7.1%)
  • Other (post-bac, transients, 3.5%)

Current/most recent data (for each KPI): Fall 2022 Results:

  • Adult Learners (31.6%)
  • Traditional (28.4%)
  • New Freshman (14.3%)
  • New Transfer (12.1%)
  • Dual Enrollment (6.2%)
  • Others (post-bacs, transients, 7.4%)

Goal or targets (for each KPI):

  • Adult Learners (30.0%)
  • Traditional (30.0%)
  • New Freshman (15.0%)
  • New Transfer.     (15.0%)
  • Dual Enrollment (10%)

Time period/duration: Each Semester

Progress and Adjustments: 

The adult learner pipeline exceeded the target, but all other pipelines were slightly under than the desired target, with dual enrollment having the largest distance from the desire target. TAG/MOU pipelines generated 96 (11.2%) students, a value above the target value of 10%.   

Plan for the Year Ahead: 

Strategies are in progress to sustain (or increase) the TAG/MOU and/or Corporate/Business pipelines. Increased effort has been made to increase the dual enrollment pipeline to the target value of 10%.

Challenges and Support: 

Incomplete applications and student procrastination in completing the FAFSA are the top two barriers to student access and enrollment.

Support Needed: USG shared-services for financial aid verification have been a very important support provided by the USG.

Primary Contact: 
Dr. Arlena Stanley, AVP Enrollment Management