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Increase strong, diversified pipelines and effective partnerships (Atlanta Metropolitan State College-2023)

Consistent, reliable pipelines are important in sustaining program quality, viability, and productivity. This project seeks to increase the pipelines of student at all levels of AMSC certificates and degree programs. Historically, more effort has been dedicated to increasing the traditional student pipelines, the adult learner population provides a great opportunity for a new pipeline of students.  This is especially true given that the student population for traditional and adult learners is essential equal at 50%.  

New Advising Model: Student Success Team (East Georgia State College-2023)

The reorganization of retention/advising is almost complete. It includes:

i) Restructuration of advising and retention staffs: The Director of Retention is becoming the Director of Student Success, and we are recruiting an Assistant Director. All advisors and student success coaches will all have the same title – Student Success Coach – but they will all do a little of both roles.


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