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Freshman Residence Hall Tutoring (Albany State University-2023)

Strategy/Project Name: 
Freshman Residence Hall Tutoring
Momentum Area: 
Strategy/Project Description: 

The Freshman Residence Hall Tutoring activity aims to expand and strengthen academic and student services and resources while improving Freshman student persistence and success by way of implementing embedded in-hall residence learning and engagement opportunities.  The purpose of in-hall tutoring is to more efficiently respond to the needs of ASU’s Freshman student body by housing, in Freshman residence halls, crucial academic and student support services.  ASU currently provides academic support services for students that include Math and Writing Centers, tutoring services, and student success workshops, but expansion to strengthen these services pays direct focus to the Freshman in-hall experience.  The premise is that if Freshman students have in-hall learning and support opportunities, more students will engage with the services and be more likely to be retained to persist.  

Activity Status: 
Evaluation/Assessment plan: 

Evaluation Plan and Measures: 

  • Student satisfaction 
  • Student use 
  • Number of events 


  • Number of Attendees 
  • Number of interactions 
  • Number of Residence Hall with Academic Support Services 

Baseline measure (for each KPI): 

  • 1 Residence Hall 

Current/most recent data (for each KPI):

  • 3 Residence Hall 

Goal or targets (for each KPI): 

Baseline data has not been collected to determine targets. 

Time period/duration 08/15/2023 -05/5/2024 

  • 5 year plan 
Progress and Adjustments: 

This activity will continue on its path to ensure that tutoring services are available for freshmen on East Campus in Hall 5 and will expand to East Campus East Hall and West Campus Village South. The targeted subjects for these residence halls are Biology, College Algebra and Exercise Science.  While ASU provides Academic Support for students through the Math Center, Writing Center, Study Table, and Peer Tutors, the Night O.W.L. Tutoring adds another option for students to gain access for academic support services. 

The residence hall tutoring was named Night O.W.L. Tutoring, Oasis. Wise Learning as a marketing tool. The branding of this in-hall residence service is to differentiate it from the other services by adding a new feel to the program. These services are offered to the students on Wednesday and Sunday beginning at 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm. In offering students these non-traditional hours and days. 

Plan for the Year Ahead: 

The plan for 2023 and ahead is to continue to provide these services to our Freshman students in the residence halls.  The Enhancing Academic Success and Persistence Strategies grant pays the peer tutors. The Grant is aimed at targeting first and second-year students and at-risk student populations by providing academic support services that will aid them in continuing their matriculation at ASU.  

Challenges and Support: 


A Challenge that will affect our ability to do this activity is the lack of Peer Tutors.  The grant allows for 20 peer tutors and these students are utilized on both East and West Campus.  It also will depend on the student's availability during their academic class schedule.

Support Needed:

The support needed from outside my institution is funding to continue to provide academic support services, that will impact the education experiences of our students. 

Primary Contact: 
Mr. Antonio Leroy, Director of Housing and Resident Life
Ms. Natalie Knox, Director of Academic Support Services