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Comprehensive Academic Advising: Campus-Wide Advising Model (Albany State University-2023)

The Campus-Wide Advising Model activity is designed to effectively communicate to students the requirements to earn a degree. Implementing this campus-wide model will position Professional Advisors (PA) as the first point of contact for admitted students who are interested in any program at ASU. PA understanding of the programs allows them to clearly, succinctly, and thoroughly inform students of course overviews, petitioning deadlines, prerequisite courses, GPA minimums, and if applicable clinicals, internships, and program specific standardized exams.

Improvement Practices -Advising for incoming students (Fort Valley State University-2023)

Prior Submission: Better Use of Dynamic Forms

Previously, strides were made to improve at the institution to lessen the structural obstacles facing students. The migration to self-registration and the electronic process for academic advising assisted in streamlining the process for students and advisors. Initially, all forms were advisor initiated. Modifications were made to forms to make them student-initiated, creating a shared responsibility between the student and advisor. Updates were also made to the change of major form, and the mid-term drop form for better efficiency.

New Advising Model: Student Success Team (East Georgia State College-2023)

The reorganization of retention/advising is almost complete. It includes:

i) Restructuration of advising and retention staffs: The Director of Retention is becoming the Director of Student Success, and we are recruiting an Assistant Director. All advisors and student success coaches will all have the same title – Student Success Coach – but they will all do a little of both roles.


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