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Georgia Perimeter College-[node:field-date:custom:Y]--Tutoring, Other/Undefined

Strategy/Project Description: 

Supplemental instruction was provided in select general chemistry and college algebra courses. A student who had passed the course previously attends the regular lectures and then offers additional instruction to students in another arranged setting. During the supplemental instruction session, the lead student provides additional review and time for the enrolled students to grasp the concepts presented. The lead student is generally viewed as a peer by the enrolled students and hence is more likely to be asked questions.

Other activities supported by GPC are those designed to support student success in science, engineering, and mathematics and to promote interest in these fields among students of ability who belong to underrepresented populations. These programs encourage students’ interests in the STEM areas and support their success in the required courses. Activities include summer research opportunities at universities and laboratories, participation in science competitions, and opportunities for tutoring, additional instruction, and mentoring. 

The four specialized STEM programs that are available to students at the college are:

  • One (1) University System of Georgia -funded program which provides resources for faculty to conduct research and to students to engage in co-educational activities:
    • Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA)
  • Three (3) National Science Foundation-funded programs which provide students with scholarships, exposure to professionals in their fields of study and opportunities to conduct research at some of the top research institutions in Georgia and around the country:
    • Educate and Nurture Leadership in STEM (ENLISTEM)
    • Peach State Louis Stoke Alliance for Minority Participation (PSLSAMP)
    • STEM Talent Expansion Program (STEP)