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General Education Redesign Domain Alignment

The domains that emerged from the work of the General Education Redesign Implementation Group represent a wide-ranging collection of knowledge, skills, abilities and attributes that a student will engage with and develop as part of a General Education Curriculum.  Some of these domains fit relatively neatly into a discipline or a course, but others are more cross-cutting or are potentially delivered across a host of disciplines and courses.   

Understanding the interplay of these elements is important to creating a curricular structure that supports students ability to satisfy the objectives of a General Education for the 21st Century and ensures that all students are provided with the foundation necessary to thrive and succeed.

The list below includes the 30 domains from the first Implementation Group meeting (the competencies that are clustered within them can be seen here). For each, please indicate whether that competency is best embedded within a course (or courses) in a specific discipline, if it is a cross-cutting aspect of the educational experience that could be embedded across a range of disciplines or courses in different disciplines (or outside of courses entirely), or if you don’t concur that it should be a part of the expectations of a general education curriculum at all.

Course- or Discipline-basedCross-cutting or embedded across the curriculumNeither/not a part of a General Education Curriculum
Financial Literacy
Knowing Through Science
Arts as an expression of the human condition
Critical Thinking
Clear Communication
Scientific Reasoning
Information Literacy
Knowing through History
Politics and Government
Data Fluency
Creative Thinking
Technology Skills
Multi Language Communications
Effective Written Communication
Character Development
Read and Comprehend
Culture and Diversity
Mathematical Literacy
Effective Oral Communication
Work in a team
Problem solving
Lifelong Learning
Appreciate your world