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Fall 2020 Statistics Pathway Summit

Fall 2020 Statistics Pathway Summit

November 18, 2020

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In the fall of last year the System initiated a prototype process for a statistics pathway at institutions, which provided an avenue for offering MATH/STAT 1401 Elementary Statistics as an Area A2 math course without prerequisite. We are in the process of reviewing the progress of the Statistics Pathway prototype and are hosting a virtual Statistics Pathway Fall Summit on Wednesday, November 18, from 1:00 to 3:00 pm to reflect on the work and to chart a path forward.

The Statistics Pathway Fall Summit will provide institutions that are participating in the prototype to share their experiences, challenges, and thoughts for next steps. For institutions not in the prototype, the Summit affords the opportunity to learn from our collective experience and to discuss the potential for pursuing joining a second cohort of institutions in the prototype in the coming year. Institutions with no current plans to develop a statistics pathway are encouraged to join the discussion as well.

Institutions as asked to assemble teams for the Summit to include the Provost or their representative, academic leadership from math or statistics as well as sister disciplines where statistics plays a key role, leadership from academic advising, and academic support services. You may add others to your team as you like. If your institution is not planning on developing a statistics pathway in the next cohort, your team may necessarily be smaller and have a slightly different composition.

An outline of the Statistics Pathway and more details on the pathway can also be found on the Statistics Pathway webpage.

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