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Fall 2020 Statistics Pathway Summit Agenda

1:00 – 1:30

Welcome and Overview

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This session will provide an review of the Statistics Pathway Prototype project, including an overview of the expectations for participation, the context for this work both in the System and nationally, and how this activity intersects with other work underway related to General Education.

Tristan Denley, University System of Georgia

1:30 – 2:15

Breakout Sessions 


Building Pathways 

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The Statistics Pathway is more than just adding statistics to Area A2. Statistics is a foundational course for a wide range of disciplines and provides key understandings for students pursuing a host of degrees. This session focuses on how campuses can build authentic pathways for students that begin with statistics, including how to ensure appropriate opportunities in Areas D and F or the curriculum.

Linda Galloway, Kennesaw State University
Sam Horsley, Beth Freeman, Jim Bellon and Carrie Ziglar, University of West Georgia
Moderator: Bruce Vandal


Engaging with Disciplines 

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A lesson from the System's earlier work on Math Pathways was that non-STEM disciplines were often uncertain of how to assess the alignment of various math options students had available to them. To ensure that students are recommended to take the most appropriate math course for success in their area of study, institutions are asked to encourage discussions between math or statistics faculty and their sister disciplines about the content of the various "first math" options. This session will explore strategies and approaches for engaging disciplines in dialogue around statistics as the appropriate first math for students, including how to resolve questions around rigor, fit, and the potential for students' success.

Justin Jernigan, Georgia Gwinnett College
David Newton, University of West Georgia
Melanie Largin, Georgia Highlands College
Moderator: Barbara Brown


Advising and Implementation

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Advisors are key in supporting and implementing statistics pathways on a campus once program maps are established. The essential conversations advisors have with students need to be informed by the expectations of the programs, and are shaped by their work with students. This session will include a discussion of strategies and conditions for advising students into the statistics pathway and to help ensure clear communications about the course and the pathway.

Camille Pace and Jennifer Hicks, Georgia Highlands College
Carol Cohen and Donna Brouillette, Georgia State University
Moderator: Jonathan Watts Hull

2:15 – 3:00

Next steps & Wrap Up

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Progress on implementing the Statistics Pathway Prototype has varied across the USG for a range of factors. Conversations with campuses about this work over the past few months have uncovered some key areas that remain to be addressed, including building pathways (program maps) and resolving Area D expectations; clarifying program alignment; planning for advising; and learning support. This session will review these key areas of the prototype and introduce a planning template for use in implementation of the prototype. Institutions that are participating in the prototype are asked to provide an update on their implementation of the Pathway in January using a planning template. Those considering joining the second cohort of the prototype will be asked to use this template as part of their broader planning.

Jonathan Watts Hull, University System of Georgia