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CCG Campus Plans 2021 Updates Overview


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Updates Key Dates

 August 31
Strategy Survey Closes
November 5
Update reports due to System Office
December 1
Reports released

The Momentum/Complete College Georgia Campus Plan Updates provide an opportunity for your institution to reflect on the work you have underway and highlight your completion successes and challenges. A major shift for 2021 is the alignment of your Update with your Momentum Plan from this winter. This should streamline the reports and continues our efforts to reduce reporting while improving our understanding of what work is critical on your campus.

For 2021, the Campus Plan Updates retain much of the reporting structure from the previous years.  The 2021 update has two parts:  

  • an online strategy survey for institutions to indicate the activities that they have pursued globally, and 
  • a narrative report for a more detailed discussion of the top priority Momentum work and progress over the past year.   

Together these elements will help to paint a comprehensive picture of the varied and productive work in place on our campuses. 

Campus Plan Components

NEW FOR 2021

What's New for 2020

part 1


part 2


part 3



  • Campus Plan Update Structure - a focus on Momenutm
  • Qlik Data Visualizations
  • Updated Strategy Survey

Campus Plan Update Structure

The 2021 Momentum/CCG Updates are organized around your Momentum Framework that aligns institutional planning and reporting and has been streamlined this year to focus primarily on the work you highlighted in your 2021 Momentum Plans.  As such they serve as a midpoint check in on the work from the Momentum Summit IV and will provide a foundation for System on how and where to further our Momentum strategies.

Of course, we understand that you have outstanding work across your campus, some of which may not have been included in your Momentum Plan. We still are interested in your progress and invite you to provide updates on your ongoing CCG work as you wish.

CCG Data & Data Visualizations

Beginning in 2020 the System Office provided institutions with data workbooks from the Academic Data Collection across a range of common indicators to supplement institutional reporting as data visualizations in Qlik. Data in the Qlik apps can also be downloaded for further local analysis. Additional CCG data will be distributed in mid-July.

It is hoped that the data visualizations will allow you to investigate your institution’s status and progress and share this across your campus in a more readily digestible form. The data visualizations are available to Qlik certificate holders at your institution. We have attempted to make sure that the CCG/Momentum point of contact for each institution has a Qlik license, but if this is not the case, please let us know.

Updated Strategy Survey

The Strategy survey has been trimmed yet again this year to reduce reporting load and moved into Alchemer (formerly SurveyGizmo), which means a log in is no longer needed. The survey is available to be completed here:  Institutions should only complete one survey. Please complete the Strategy Survey by August 31.



This brief survey is an opportunity for you to identify all of the high-impact strategies you are pursuing.  This first part of the update report enables the System Office to collect aggregate information about strategies that are being used across the.  The survey is available online at   The survey has been streamlined from previous years The survey can be saved, closed and revisited prior to reviewing and submitting your response.  


The 2021 CCG Campus Plan Updates are focused on your Momentum Plans for 2021.

Most of your ongoing CCG strategies should align with the Momentum framework and are reflected in your Momentum Plan.  Your reports will be the foundation for the topics and discussions at the Momentum Summit V and serve as the System’s report to the State on our success efforts over the past year

Section 1. Institutional Mission and Student Body Profile 

Provide a brief overview of your institutional mission and student body profile.  Please briefly describe enrollment trends, demographics (for example, % Pell grant-eligible, % first-generation college students, % adult learners), and how your institutional mission influences your completion work’s key priorities. In this section, report on your benchmark, aspirational, and competitor institution(s).

Section 2: Improvement Practices – Understanding Change Management

A broad focus of the Global Momentum Support discussion at Momentum Summit IV was on how your institution engaged a broad audience in its strategies for student success. Understanding how institutions approach and structure change and innovation is at the heart of knowing how to support Momentum. 

In this section, discuss the improvement practices that your institution has set up to remove or lessen the structural and motivational obstacles that students face and to improve the outcomes for your campus.  In this narrative, please indicate who is involved in your planning and decision-making, how you engage student voices, the data you use to make decisions, how this data is disaggregated and shared to support decision-making, and what additional information from the University System Office would be helpful.

Section 3: Your Big Idea

At the Momentum Summit, your institution came up with a Big Idea (or 5!). In this section, provide an update on your progress toward implementing your Big Idea. Indicate your progress toward full implementation and any barriers to completion, identify any changes you have made in your plans, what you have learned along the way, and what measures you are using to assess your progress and eventual success.

Section 4.1: Momentum Work Resilience Update

A key focus of your Momentum Plan was in reflecting upon the impact of the Pandemic on the Momentum work in the students’ first year (the Momentum Year) and across your campus and the student lifecycle (the Momentum Approach).

In this section, for each of the priorities you identified in your Momentum Plan, outline your progress on implementing your resilience strategies. What has been accomplished since the Momentum Summit? Where are you currently challenged?  What successes have you had? How has your approach changed from your original plan? In what way does your work support the success of all students on your campus, including Black, Latinx, and First Generation College students?  What lessons have you learned? What are your next steps to ensure your work is sustainable and resilient?

Section 4.2: Updating the Momentum Matrices

Each institution made a general assessment of where they were in delivering a Momentum Year and Momentum Approach for all students.  As we have returned to campus this fall, please indicate where you think you are now on these measures using these same matrices

Momentum Year Matrix:  On a scale of 1-5, Where are you in delivering a Momentum Year for all of your students?

Momentum Year Area Significantly disrupted for most students  

In place for all Students without disruption






Making a Purposeful Program Choice          
Attempting a Fuller Schedule as part of a Clear Pathway          
Attempting 9 hours of coursework aligned with an Academic Focus Area          
Completing English and Math          
Creating a Productive Academic Mind          
Successful Transition to College          

Momentum Approach Matrix:  On a scale of 1-5, where are you in delivering Momentum Approach strategies you proposed or were building upon prior to the Pandemic for all your students?

Momentum Approach Area Significantly disrupted for most students  

In progress for all Students without disruption






Intentional integration of High Impact Practices (HIPs), experiential learning and co-curricular activities to improve outcomes for all students
Strategies that support the deepening and refining of purposeful choices for students beyond the first year
Activities that inspect and adapt your institutional context to support productive academic settings that enable success for all students
Other areas you have explored in extending Momentum beyond the first year and across the institution

Section 4.3: Global Momentum Support

The success of Momentum on your campus depends on support from across the institution and its application across the life cycle of the student.  At the Momentum Summit, institutions were asked to outline their plans for communicating their Momentum strategies and progress across diverse audiences, to describe how data informs this work and the communications around it, and how to support faculty and staff across the institution in engaging in student success together.

In the section below, please provide an update on your work on Communications, Data and Faculty and Staff support. Specifically, indicate your progress toward implementing your plans to tie together your Momentum efforts across the campus, what challenges, if any, you are currently facing (and what might help to overcome them), what lessons you have learned, and what measures you are using to understand your progress and success. If you have developed exemplary artifacts in this area (communications items and plans, data analysis and communications, Faculty and Staff training and development courses and experiences, etc.) and can share them, please upload them as an appendix – you may upload as many as you wish.

Section 5: Optional Supplemental Updates

If there are elements of your critical CCG/student success work that is not detailed above that you wish to provide an update on, please use this section to indicate this.

No Limits on Strategies; Reasonable Limits on Length 

Institutions are not limited in the number of strategies they may report on, but we do ask that institutions provide sufficient detail to give a meaningful sense of what is underway on campus while focusing on those activities that are both high impact and high priority. We encourage you to be mindful of the intent of the Updates to highlight work that you are doing that has potential to improve the capacity of campuses across the system. 

While campuses are encouraged to report on as many strategies and activities that meet the criteria of being high priority and high impact as necessary, we are encouraging limits on overall reporting.  We ask that institutions limit the length of their updates to no more than 15 pages, not counting appendices. If you find your report runs longer than this, please contact us.


Campus Plan Strategy Surveys should be completed online.  Narrative reports may be submitted here as a Microsoft Word file.  Files not submitted through the CCG website should be sent via email to  Questions on your update can be directed to Jonathan Watts Hull at, 404-962-3129.