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2018 Fall Corequisite Academy

2018 Fall Corequisite Academy

October 12, 2018
Gordon State College


The 2018 Fall Corequisite Academy will take place on October 12 from 10 am to 4 pm at Gordon State College in Barnesville.  The Academy will provide an opportunity for institutional teams to continue to learn from one another on the pedagogies, structure, supports, and practices that support excellence in corequisite Learning Support.  The Academy will include general sessions in the morning and English and mathematics tracks in the afternoon to address subject-matter specific challenges.  

This event is designed to support the work of faculty from Learning Support and gateway collegiate courses in mathematics and English, academic advisors and Learning Support staff. Each institution may send up to six representatives to the Learning Support Academy. It is suggested that institutional representation should include the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Learning Support Coordinator(s), faculty from both Learning Support for mathematics and Learning Support for English, and instructional support staff or staff from the Center for Teaching and Learning. 

Math Learning Support materials from the Dana Center are available:

Dana Center materials

Teams should be coordinated through the office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Institutions interested in sending larger teams should contact Jonathan Watts Hull directly at