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2017 Advising Academy

2017 Advising Academy

September 2017

The Complete College Georgia Advising Academy is the first of a series of discussions with faculty and staff focusing on the connection of large-scale initiatives across the system to promote student success. The theme of the conference series is "Momentum Year"--an effort to combine several proven elements of success during a student's first academic year to help them stay in school and graduate on time. These first-year elements include: 

  • ​Helping students make a "purposeful choice" when selecting a program of study
  • Assisting students in developing an "academic mindset" that promotes academic success
  • Ensuring students register for and complete nine credit hours in their general program area of study
  • Ensuring students register for and complete their core English and math courses

Advisors, enrollment managers, and student success specialists play a pivotal role in helping students accomplish these four Momentum Year elements. During the conference, advising teams from across the system will work together to develop institutional plans for addressing these Momentum Year elements and outline the role of advising in providing them to each incoming freshman.