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Performance Metrics

Increase student success rates in high DFW gateway courses (Atlanta Metropolitan State College-2023)

Gateway courses have the lowest pass rates. This is particularly difficult for new freshman because it stifles their momentum and motivation to successfully past their first two semester classes and avoid academic warning and/or probation, which also impacts their ability to meet financial aid academic requirements.

Expanding Culturally Responsive Retention Strategies (College of Coastal Georgia-2023)

Develop and strengthen strategies that address institutional performance gaps. Strategies to consider include: the creation of 1st Gen/Pell Eligible student transition support; summer bridge programs that support traditionally underserved or underrepresented populations, with the goal of reducing institutional performance gaps.

Learning Communities (University College) (Albany State University-2023)

The Learning Communities (LCs) activity provides first-year learning communities where two or more courses are linked thematically with collaborative instruction. The primary approach of the Learning Communities is to organize and leverage student success activities and campus resources while supporting and aligning to the mission of University College and our strategic plan, The Standard. Courses within a first-year learning community will develop co-curricular activities and focus on core areas as well as areas of academic performance, retention, student mindset, and degree progression.

Learning Analytics (Kennesaw State University-2023)

KSU aims to take full advantage of data gathered through the LMS, D2L, for a faculty audience. Our online learning unit, Digital Learning Innovations, has revised their mission to support faculty in using the LMS to manage learning in all modalities and using the data to identify problems, diagnose root causes, and take targeted actions during the semester to impact student success within the semester

Rick Sluder

Richard Sluder serves as Vice Provost for Student Success and Dean of University College.  He leads MTSU’s Quest for Student Success, which includes transforming advising by integrating predictive analytics, course redesign and learner support initiatives.  As Dean, he oversees work with undecided students, adult degree completion, online learning, summer sessions, and academic outreach to high school students. Dr. Sluder has 22 years prior experience at the University of Central Missouri as Vice Provost, Dean and faculty.

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