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Supporting student success through career preparation and leadership opportunities (Middle Georgia State University-2023)

Promoting Career Readiness and Student Leadership by: 

  • Engaging first-year students in the Focus 2 Career Assessment and career option discussions with career advisors. 
  • Introducing first-year students to the NACE Career Competencies so that they are aware of the skills employers want to see them build before entering the professional workforce.

Planning and implementing a centralized process for promoting and preparing students for internships (both credit and non-credit) to increase the number of students participating in internships.

Providing a strong foundation through Career Assessment, Professional Development and Completion of Career Choice (Albany State University-2023)

The Office of Career Services supports the following initiatives through Student Access and Success by targeting all students, specifically underrepresented students, that will benefit from informed career planning efforts, using resources such as Focus 2 Career, that can be institutionalized over the life of the grant. All students (and faculty), specifically underrepresented students, will gain access to employer and career resources using the Handshake system and other virtual networks within the Office of Career Services.

Leadership (Georgia College and State University-2023)

The Office of Leadership Programs maintains institution-wide responsibility for management, coordination, and development of all Georgia College leadership programs and initiatives. Beyond Georgia College’s core leadership programs, which are directed and administered by the Office of Leadership Programs, the staff works collaboratively with members of GC's faculty and staff to develop affiliate programs.

Learning Communities (University College) (Albany State University-2023)

The Learning Communities (LCs) activity provides first-year learning communities where two or more courses are linked thematically with collaborative instruction. The primary approach of the Learning Communities is to organize and leverage student success activities and campus resources while supporting and aligning to the mission of University College and our strategic plan, The Standard. Courses within a first-year learning community will develop co-curricular activities and focus on core areas as well as areas of academic performance, retention, student mindset, and degree progression.

Student Engagement/ Blazer Ready (Valdosta State University-2023)

The Blazer Ready initiative is an effort to connect many of the essential skills identified by employers for a new college graduate hire.   The initiative is aligned with National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) guidelines. The program uses certification incentives and scaffold levels of recognition for students

Certification / Training in the areas of:

  • Volunteer Services
  • Equity and Inclusion
  • Leadership
  • Career Preparation
  • Health and Wellness

Year 1 completion Spring 2023

Anthony Wise

Wise has been president of Pellissippi State Community College since 2011, overseeing the College’s participation in KnoxAchieves, tnAchieves and now Tennessee Promise. He welcomed President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden to campus in January 2015 for the unveiling of America’s College Promise. Wise’s tenure has been marked by his devotion to students, and for good reason. From 2007 to 2011, he served as vice president of the College’s Learning Division, after three years as the department head of Liberal Arts and nine teaching history.


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