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Co-curricular Pathways

Leadership (Georgia College and State University-2023)

The Office of Leadership Programs maintains institution-wide responsibility for management, coordination, and development of all Georgia College leadership programs and initiatives. Beyond Georgia College’s core leadership programs, which are directed and administered by the Office of Leadership Programs, the staff works collaboratively with members of GC's faculty and staff to develop affiliate programs.

Learning Communities (University College) (Albany State University-2023)

The Learning Communities (LCs) activity provides first-year learning communities where two or more courses are linked thematically with collaborative instruction. The primary approach of the Learning Communities is to organize and leverage student success activities and campus resources while supporting and aligning to the mission of University College and our strategic plan, The Standard. Courses within a first-year learning community will develop co-curricular activities and focus on core areas as well as areas of academic performance, retention, student mindset, and degree progression.

Student Engagement/ Blazer Ready (Valdosta State University-2023)

The Blazer Ready initiative is an effort to connect many of the essential skills identified by employers for a new college graduate hire.   The initiative is aligned with National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) guidelines. The program uses certification incentives and scaffold levels of recognition for students

Certification / Training in the areas of:

  • Volunteer Services
  • Equity and Inclusion
  • Leadership
  • Career Preparation
  • Health and Wellness

Year 1 completion Spring 2023

Program Maps and Pressure Testing (Gordon State College-2023)

Retention and graduation rates have increased nationally due to the implementation and design of well-crafted program maps with an emphasis on students taking fuller schedules categorized by the 15-to-finish initiative. Gordon State College made early efforts to create program maps with co-curricular milestones using the theme of Gordon’s Highlander EDGE. After careful review we noticed that some of the program maps had not been pressure tested and we have now determined a plan to carefully review, and pressure test our program maps annually.

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