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Predictive Analytics Symposium

Predictive Analytics Symposium

February 7, 2014
Georgia State University

As part of CCG focus on providing targeted technical support to campuses in key completion areas, the University System of Georgia and Georgia State University (GSU) presented a Completion Symposia on using predictive analytics to enhance student success.  This practical workshop focused on how GSU has changed work flow and organizational culture as well as use of technological tools to drive significant success.  

In the face of a student population that is increasingly at risk--58% of its undergraduates are now on Pell, up 26 points since 2007--Georgia State University has used data to develop innovative approaches to advisement, financial aid, and course delivery, raising its graduation rates 6 points in the past two years and 22 points in the past decade. In November, Georgia State was recognized by the APLU with the first-ever Most Visible Progress award for making the biggest difference in student completion in the nation.

USG student-success teams were invited to the Georgia State campus on Friday, February 28, 2014 for a day-long symposium to learn first-hand how the University has implemented student success programs that are gaining national attention for their innovation and impact. With the support of the University System of Georgia, campus teams will hear from Georgia State’s student success leaders and implementers, tour the new University Advisement Center which has hosted 31,000 students in its first year of operation, find out how the use of adaptive learning modules in pre-calculus courses have cut DFW rates in half, and learn about GSU’s use of predicative analytics in tracking students academically and in designing financial interventions.