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Momentum Grants 2017 FAQ

Which institutions are eligible?

All USG institutions or partnerships between USG institutions and other organizations are eligible. Funds will only be granted to the USG institutions directly. Projects will be selected according to the same criteria.

May an institution submit more than one application?

An institution may serve as the lead institution on only one application.

Are institutions expected to provide matching funds?

Institutions are not expected to provide financial or in-kind support or matching for these contracted funds. Institutions are encouraged to consider how they can leverage Momentum Grant funds.

Should the budget include a line item for overhead costs?

Institutions are encouraged to maximize use of these small, focused funds. While a flat overhead rate is not appropriate for Momentum Year projects, in special cases itemized administrative expenses may be appropriate.

When must grant funds be expended in full?

Institutions will be required to invoice the USG for 100% of their granted funds by June 1, 2019. There will be no extensions.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions?

For questions related to the RFP, including budget and criteria, contact: