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Georgia State University

Supplemental Updates for Georgia State University - 2023

Georgia State University continues to ask the question, “Are we the problem” to identify and remove administrative and academic obstacles to student success.  The new initiatives described above that are focused on academic recovery, academic support, college to career, student engagement and outcomes in math are part of out commitment to review all aspects of the student experience and redesign them as necessary. GSU’s approach to student success is to implement changes at scale, changing University processes for the benefit of our students.

Stepping Blocks Integration in Freshmen Orientation Courses (Georgia State University-2023)

Encourage students to use of Stepping Blocks data to better understand their career path and the salary and job opportunities associated with this choice.

In freshmen orientation classes each 1st-year student will be required to complete an assignment designed to encourage the use of stepping blocks data.  Based on an academic major of interest, students will research common jobs associated with the major as well as the job market and the salaries associated with these positions.

Artificial Intelligence and Academic Support (Georgia State University-2023)

Pilot introduction of AI enhanced Chat Bot for academic support in large sections of the core curriculum.

Georgia State University was one of the 1st institutions in the country to use an AI-Enhanced Chatbot to address issues of summer melt for new students and continuous enrollment for continuing students. .[1] This project expands the use of this technology to the classroom to increase successful completion of the class.


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