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East Georgia State College

New Advising Model: Student Success Team (East Georgia State College-2023)

The reorganization of retention/advising is almost complete. It includes:

i) Restructuration of advising and retention staffs: The Director of Retention is becoming the Director of Student Success, and we are recruiting an Assistant Director. All advisors and student success coaches will all have the same title – Student Success Coach – but they will all do a little of both roles.

Inclusive Access for Digital Content used as Textbook (East Georgia State College-2023)

We would like to set up inclusive access for all the digital content used as textbook for all sections that require the purchase of a textbook. Inclusive Access, also known as automatic textbook billing, is a sales model for college textbooks. Inclusive access allows for the digital content to be delivered to students by the first day of class. Students have a period to “opt out” before they are billed through their tuition and fees.


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