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Momentum Summit V (virtual sessions)

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Institutions across the University System of Georgia collect every year to share experiences, learn new strategies, and plan their work for student Momentum for the year ahead. The Momentum Summit V is an opportunity to review and refine the work institutions have committed to, assess progress, and chart a path forward for building upon success.


The overarching goal for the Summit is to support your institutional team in crafting concrete, ongoing plans for Momentum on your campus by enabling institutions to engage in critical reflection, assessment, and evaluation of which activities have proven to aid in the success of students and which activities have not produced the expected outcomes. This work should consider how to further student success by building on your existing successes, identifying priority areas for improvement, creating a larger community on campus engaged in essential student success work, and identifying the critical context, policy, and practices changes that are necessary to ensure students don’t fall through the cracks or can’t navigate their way to their goals.

We are building on our experience this year with virtual events (and teaching!) to provide a "flipped" meeting with an in person component.Momentum Summit V will include:

  • an online "course" with pre-recorded presentations, resources and materials (log in here:,
  • discussion areas for sharing your thoughtss,
  • a week of virtual events for responding to the materials and presentations with peers,
  • a week set aside for structured campus planning, and
  • an in-person event for campus teams to share their plans and learn and work with one another.

This design is intended to maximize opportunities for faculty and staff to participate and learn from one another, and honors our pledge that we would make the most of the time we have together, whether it is in person or virtual, for active, engaged conversations. Each participant will be enrolled in the Mometum Summit V course in MomentumU@USG, which will open in January 2022, and will be asked to engage with the material at their own pace in advance of the responsive sessions. During the sessions, participants will be able to engage with the presenters, hosts, and one another to dig deeper on the topics and share their experiences. 

The centerpiece of the Summit is the dedicated time for structured planning on campus that leads to the development of a campus Momentum Plan.  This year, we're excited to be able to come back together (in a limited fashion) after all that hard planning work is done and share what you plan, hear from others what they have on tap, and get feedback from the community on how to make the most of the year ahead. 

Participation is not capped for the virtual component of the Summit, so institutions may include as many individuals as they like to join us. Not every person will need to attend every session, but we encourage campuses to plan and structure participation to ensure that each unit on campus is represented at each session and that teams are able to share and engage during the designated team planning sessions to the greatest extent possible. For the in person component of the Summit, we ask that institutions assemble a cross-functional team; a separate registration will be distributed for this. 

Summit V Preliminary Schedule

January 24, 2022 Momentum Summit Course opens in MomentumU@USG
January 28, 2022
10:00 am - noon
Kick Off (virtual)
Click here to join when it's time
February 11, 2022 Momentum Check in session (virtual)
February 21-25, 2022
10:00 am -noon; 2:00pm-4:00pm
Momentum Summit live sessions (virtual)
Discussions and Response Panels
February 28-March 4, 2022 Campus Planning Week
March 11, 2022 Momentum Summit V (in person with institutional teams at Columbus State University)


Momentum Summit V Discussion Themes

The themes for the Summit have emerged from their CCG/Momentum Plan Updates for this year. The five key areas of focus for Summit V will be:

Leading Change and Change Management

  • How do institutions organize themselves to use data and insigts to change practices and policies; develop cultures that can embrace and support change; and, breakdown silos between units to improve efforts and share the work?

Building Pathways - Curricular, Course, and Pedagogical Redesign

  • How do institutions use insights from program pressure tests (and curricular analytics) to change their programs, improve their courses, and the teaching that goes on; prioritize courses and sequences for supplemental supports; equitably scale quality high impact practices across the curriculum; and, adapt the lessons learned from the Gateways to Completion work and teaching in the Pandemic to their critical courses?

Mindset - Supporting Academic Mindset

  • What interventions and activities help to build student mindset; what are the opportunities and mechanisms for affecting faculty mindset; How do messaging and activities across campus build, or tear down, students’ perceptions of their abilities, sense of belonging, and connection to purpose

Using Data

    Identifying and Closing Gaps

  • How does an institution use data and insights to identify, understand, and address gaps in achievement based on race/ethnicity, gender, age, or other factors; what contextual and structural improvements create campuses where gaps do not exist?

      Understanding your students

  • What are the lessons and insights from students in the past years? How do their expectations, behaviors, and needs differ from those in the past? What practices have been most effective in serving this new group? What needs to change about your courses, programming, and processes to serve them?

    Understanding your current work

  • What is the full inventory of Momentum on your campus? What has been successful in your student success work? What are the key performance indicators you use to understand your progress and your goals? How do you make this accessible to your entire campus community?

Purpose - Purposeful Choice and Connecting to Purpose

  • How do campuses use, and improve, student choice architecture to improve program selection; support students in career and academic exploration; and connect their curricular and co-curricular experiences to their motivation for attending college.



January 10th, 2022 7:00 PM to March 11th, 2022 12:00 AM
Virtual Event
United States
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