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CCG Regional Meetings

CCG Regional Meetings

March 1, 2016

At the 2015 CCG Forum, campus representatives asked the USG CCG staff to help facilitate regional conversations around college completion strategies and activities. A component of these conversations was hoped to be greater collaboration across institutions as well as deeper involvement of faculty in the work of college completion.  In response, Complete College Georgia is hosting four regional gatherings in the spring of 2016 to begin the conversation and help foster collaboration. 

Regional meetings are all-day events that provide an opportunity for institutions to share completion best practices and discuss ways to address outstanding challenges. They also are opportunities to educate those who may not currently be involved in CCG activities and discuss strategies for broader campus engagement in completion work. The major takeaway is a specific action plan for strategies each institution can adopt, amplify, or further investigate on campus. The USG will, through these meetings and afterwards, encourage productive partnerships to this end.

Participation in the Regional Meeting includes up to three people from each institution, including a representative for campus Complete College Georgia work; a representative of a high enrollment/high priority academic department to represent faculty and a representative from Academic Affairs or Institutional Research. Each meeting provides a forum for investigating priorities, sharing highlights, and presenting challenges. The results of these discussions are the seeds of deeper dialog on campus and across campus about moving college completion forward.

Notes from the East Georgia Regional Meeting - March 7 - Augusta University 

Notes from the North Georgia Regional Meeting - March 29 - University of North Georgia

Notes from the Metro Atlanta Georgia Regional Meeting - April 4 - Atlanta Metropolitan State College

Notes from the Southwest Georgia Regional Meeting - April 18 - Valdosta State University